South Tour

South Tour
We will visit: Salt Cargill: you will see the mountains of salt crystal and its famous pink waters. Slavehuts: the beautiful huts that were constructed in 1850 during the slavery time. Willemstoren Lighthouse: you will be amazed with the observation point that was built in 1838 to guide the ships. Sorobon Beach: you will fall in love with the shallow waters, Bonaire´s steady trade winds and sunshine, a stellar combination for one of the world´s best windsurfing locations. Kralendijk: It is the capital city of the island of Bonaire and the main port of the island. The city center consists of a boulevard (Kaya Craane) and a shopping place (Kaya Grandi). Near the boulevard there are yachts that visit Bonaire.


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  • Price US$ 35 p/p
  • Children age 0 to 5 years FREE
  •  People over 65 have a discount of 10%
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